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Ever the wanderlust and lifelong learner of culture, I love for languages, travel, dance, design, food, fashion, and education. I have and continue to cultivate an appreciation for the connection we as people share between each other and the cultures in which we live. My love for languages and culture led to my study abroad experiences in Spain, Mexico and  Brazil.  My international marketing and branding expertise and desire to encourage students of diverse backgrounds to take international learning opportunities influenced my career in International Education and Diversity and Inclusion. 

I consider myself an Intercultural mentor. My calling is to inspire and encourage others to explore the world around them both near and far. I encourage you, yes you the person reading this to do the same. This site is an extension of mentorship calling. 

I am the creator of Kultural Kurators. I was tired of hearing what we as people of color don't do. Especially when it is far from the true. Thus I created a sight to highlight  people of color as they explore the world through studying, interning, living, and working abroad. These are often transformative experiences that affect not only the one who had this kind of experience but it often positively affects the communities they are a part of. 

My hope is that you explore the places, cultures, and people near and far. Learn something new, gain a deeper appreciation of the world we live in and the diversity that makes our world the enriching place that it is. Join me on this kultural journey!


Kory (KoMiSa) ​


Kory M. Saunders (She/Her/Hers)

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