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Flourish in the Foreign: The Life-Altering Impact of Study Abroad with Kory Saunders

The Global Chatter: Episode 13 Kory Saunders "This is for you, too"



Keith, K., Saunders, K., Thompson, C., (Fall 2019), True Allyship: A Toolkit for Allies of the Education Abroad LGBTQIA+ Community, Rainbow SIG Newsletter, Vol 26, Number 1  NAFSA


Kultural Kurators 

NC State University Study Abroad Identity Based Resources


NC State University African American Cultural Center Nkonsonkonson Staff “Sticks in a Bundle” Award,  2021 

NAFSA Region VII 2020 Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion in International Education Award Recipient 

Diversity Abroad's 2020 Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion in International Education (EDIIE), Rising Star Award Finalist


NC State University Staff Spotlight: Kory Saunders 

Kory M. Saunders Recipient of NASFA Award

Kory Saunders Bridges International Initiatives and Inclusion

Accomplished Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Management Professional dedicated to creating professional environments that are welcoming and accessible. Skilled workshop facilitator. Known for developing and executing programming that focuses on diverse, inclusionary practices.


Baldwin, N., Keith, K., Saunders, K., Smith-Gaddis, D. (November, 2023) Community Instead of Competition: The Work, Support, & Encouragement of DEIB Practitioners in Global Education. Diversity Abroad Global Inclusion Conference

McKinney, N., Saunders, K., Thompson, C., Yngve, K., (November, 2023) Moving away from Deficit Approaches: Creating Authentic Cultures of Belonging Using Empowering Language. Diversity Abroad Global Inclusion Conference

Abraham, K., Baldwin, N., Saunders, K.,  Ygnue, K., (March, 2023) Critical Dialogue: Becoming the Equity & Inclusion Future We Want and Our Students Deserve. FORUM on Education Abroad Annual Conference. 


Diaz, D., Kurtzman, R., Saunders, K., Thompson, C., (February, 2023) Designing a Bridge to Leveraging Intercultural Competency and JEDI in Practice. WISE Pre-Conference Workshop

Contreras, E., Lopez-McGee, L., Marable Serrano, M., Saunders, K., Strong, E, Torres, M., Diversifying the Education Abroad Talent Pipeline Through Mentoring NAFSA Annual Conference (June 2022) & (March 2023)

Chudy, J. & Saunders, K., (January 2022) The Impact of Critical Race Theory in our Work. Diversity Abroad Community Discussion

Marable Serrano M., Saunders, K., Thompson, C., (October 2021) Addressing the Elephants in the Room: Creating a Culture of Belonging. Diversity Abroad Global Inclusion Conference

Saunders, K., Thompson, C. Zeiher, Caroline, (October 2021) Global Activism and Global Engagement: Understanding Students Today Pre-Conference Workshop. Diversity Abroad Global Inclusion Conference

Saunders, K., Thompson, C., (April 2021) Beyond the Training: Uncovering Inequities That Continue to Undermine Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Global Education. NCAIE Virtual State Conference 


Marable Serrano M., Saunders, K., Thompson, C., (November 2020) The Elephants in the Room: Bridging the Gap between Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy and Action. NAFSA Region VII 2020 Virtual Conference 


Saunders, K. (November 2020) Creating a Global Community One Table at a Time: Building Relationships with Colleagues to Serve Our Students and Benefit Each Other. GLBT Advocate Program, NC State University


DeKay, K., Kullar, R., Posey, C., Rose, K., Saunders, K., (August 2020) Building the New Normal: Creating an Inclusive Office Culture. Diversity Abroad Virtual Conference 


Dixon, T., DeKay, K., Saunders, K., Zeiher, C., (May 2020) It Starts At Home: Best Practices in Developing Inclusive Study Abroad Programming on Your Campus, Diversity Abroad Community Discussion


Muñoz Martínez Hernández Castillo, E., Saunders, K., Washington, R., (April 2019)  Having Courageous Conversations about Whiteness in Study Abroad and Global Education, Diversity Abroad Community Discussion Webinar.

Hayes, A., Saunders, K., (March 2019) Transforming the Landscape of Leadership: Gender Inclusion in International Education. NCAIE Annual Conference, Winston, Salem, NC.


Keith, K., Saunders, K., Thompson, C. (March 2019) Real Talk: A Community Discussion on the Importance of Inclusion in Education Abroad Offices, NCAIE Annual Conference, Winston, Salem, NC.


Keith, K., Saunders, K. (Oct. 2018) Going Global: Increasing Access & Support in Study Abroad Programs for Underrepresented Student Communities, NC State Diversity Education Week, Raleigh, NC

Minnehan, M., & Saunders, K. (Nov. 2018), Ignite the Fire, Fan the Flame - Captivate Your Diverse Student Population through Inclusive Outreach and Marketing, NAFSA Region VII Conference, Memphis, TN 


Johnson, R., & Saunders, K. (March 2018 & Nov. 2018), Awareness, Access & Outreach: African American Males & Study Abroad, NAFSA Region VII Conference, Memphis, TN & NCAIE Annual Conference, Greensboro, NC


Caskey, E., & Saunders, K.(February 2016), Getting the Word Out: Marketing Strategies for Study Abroad, Georgia Association for International Educators Winter Conference, Pine Mountain, GA

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