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Charis Tucker - Kultural Kurator

Charis Tucker

She, Her, Hers

Ethnicity - Black

Occupation - Founder, Travel Gene LLC

Years in the field: 4

What global experiences have you taken part in when you were a student and/or a professional?

After graduating with my masters in sustainable tourism, I moved to China to teach English.

How has Global Education impacted you and your career choices?

My interest in Global Education led to my first international work experience. It was also a large part in creating my own company, Travel Gene LLC. Currently our major project is launching our podcast STAMPED which centers the voices of Black/African American students and professionals in both international education and/or the more broad tourism space.

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do in Global Education?

I really enjoy getting to interact with students both domestic and international. Their drive and excitement (and even their uncertainty) keep me motivated to share their stories and provide opportunities for them to excel in this space!

What challenges have you had to overcome as you work in Global Education?

Initially the biggest challenge was just getting into the field. Despite having graduate degrees, transferable skills, and general international travel experience, the process took much longer than expected. Now working in Global Education, I'm committed to learning more about the experiences and needed resources so that more students can engage in this opportunity.

How has your cultural identity impacted your experience working in Global Education?

As a Black woman, who researches various aspects of Black travel, I was uniquely drawn to the experiences of Black and students of color. I was curious about everything from their early travel experiences, to destination choices to their barriers. As a professional in the field, I've been so pleased at the high levels of collegiality among other international educators.

How has seeing other people of color/diverse backgrounds in Global Education inspired you?

I LOVE it! While the group is small, I do believe it's growing which means that even more students across campuses near and far will see themselves represented in one of us! Hopefully this representation will continue to strengthen our efforts for a more just process/experience in Global Education.

As a Kultural Kurator, what does culture mean to you?

To me, culture is the shared experiences & all the things that make a group unique (art, music, etc)

Self care is so important as we live our lives and grow in our professions. How do you incorporate self care into your life?

I've recently started journaling on a more consistent basis and as of late, I've found reconnecting with nature through daily walks has been really refreshing for me!

What advice would you give a future Kultural Kurators as they think about working in this field? The opportunities in this field are quite vast. Take your time to examine which one(s) are right for you. Consider finding ways to use your skills to be of service to the field. What's the gap and how can you help fill it!

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