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Esther Ang - Kultural Kurator

Esther Ang


Ethnicity - Asian

Occupation - Food Scientist

Place of Employment - Nestle

What global experiences have you taken part in when you were a student and/or as a young professional?

I was able to travel to Australia as a young professional on a mission for a year and it was an amazing experience. I learnt to wear many hats as the team is smaller and how to be scrappy in finding solutions. It was also great to be able to experience a different culture both professionally and personally.

How has Global Education impacted you personally, academically, & professionally?

It has opened up my eyes to different perspectives, different ways of working in order to be more efficient and I have gained long lasting friendships.

What challenges have you had to overcome as you gained your global experience(s)? The grandest obstacle for me in gaining global experience was financial. Essentially, my I have had to have good track record in my work performance to be considered and the flexibility to be open to where my mission would be. In addition to that, I've also had to relearn new team members and prove myself by learning and hitting the ground running. However, it was all worth it and the experience was definitely very enriching.

What or who inspired you to take part in a study/internship/work abroad experience?

My mentor at the time at the company I was at helped inspire me to take the leap of faith.

How has your identity impacted your global experience(s)?

I grew up in Malaysia and moved to the US for college and the experience of adapting to that has been immensely helpful flexing to new roles and environments. Since then I have switched to a new company, moved 4 times and had multiple professional opportunities to explore various roles and lead different teams. It has made adapting to new environments and teams much easier and seamless.

How has/ had seeing other people of color/diverse backgrounds influenced your decision to study/ intern abroad?

To be honest, when I first started on my mission abroad there were no diverse candidates exposed to these opportunities. It almost felt that I was blazing the trail for others when I embarked on this journey.

As a Kultural Kurator, what does culture mean to you?

Culture means the essence of a place & a community. It could evolve, fuse and change over time.

Self/Soul care is so important as we live our lives and grow in our professions. How do you incorporate self/soul care into your life?

I keep a gratitude journal to be thankful for the blessings in my life. I also workout (not as much as I'd like!), connect with family & friends and read to expand my mind. Being in the food industry I also cook and bake to nourish my soul.

What advice would you give to a future Kultural Kurator as they think about taking opportunities to explore the world around them?

Keep an open mind, don't define what the opportunity should be and finally network, network, network. Find someone who inspires you and start a connection with them - you'll never know what it may lead to.

If you are Person of Color who has studied, interned, worked and/or lived abroad and would like to be featured on Kultural Kurators we welcome you to complete our interest form.

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