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After leading various scholarships committees and continually seeing the need for funding for students of diverse backgrounds to study abroad I felt that it was only right to put my money where my heart is and start a scholarship. Scholarships made a huge impact on my college experience and I want to continue to pay that forward by investing in the next Kultural Kurators. Thus the Kultural Kurators Scholarship was created.

Kultural Kurators scholarship we will be giving one study abroad scholarship to a scholar who will be studying abroad. We will also be giving one passport scholarship to a deserving student who plans to study abroad as well. In addition to funding our scholars will receive mentoring from our Chief Kultural Kurator as they prepare for their studying abroad experiences.


“Invest in the human soul. Who knows, it might be a diamond in the rough." Mary McLeod Bethune


Our founder has saved up her personal funds to start this scholarship to start. If you would like to join her by giving feel free to donate as your heart desires.


Stay tuned as our scholars will be featured in our scholars section of this website. They will be sharing their experiences abroad as they pay it forward to inspire other students of diverse backgrounds to study abroad.


Kultural Kurator Scholarship

I often tell my students that studying abroad is an investment that one make's in one's self. I created this scholarship to invest in students who are willing to step outside of their comfort zones to invest in themselves. Learn about the scholarship and application process, our scholars, and how you can invest in them as well. 

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